17Aug, 2021

What is Knee Resurfacing?

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Arthritis usually starts in only one compartment, while the other two remain healthy. In Knee Resurfacing, only the diseased cartilage in one or two compartments is removed and resurfaced with metal and polyethylene leaving normal ligaments, meniscus, and cartilage intact. By Resurfacing one or two compartments at the right time, the knee joint can be preserved and total knee replacement can be avoided or delayed for over 15 years. When is resurfacing required? Resurfacing is very successful when there is loss of cartilage only in one or two compartments that […]

Best Trauma surgery Doctors in Chandigarh
1Jun, 2021

Trauma Treatment Can Be Hassle-Free – Path to Healing

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In India alone, many people are currently struggling with trauma experiences. Quite horrible, isn’t it? It’s high time that one should take this matter seriously; it is a medical condition that requires immediate trauma treatment assistance before it even worse the person’s health condition and leads to unfavorable results.  Introduction  What’s trauma? Is trauma treatment actually required? Let’s understand what it is actually!  Trauma is a psychological injury that happened to a person due to some external cause. These days there are innumerable people who are already plagued by the symptoms of trauma but […]

Hip Replacement Surgery
26May, 2021

Need A Hip Replacement Surgery? Stay at ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh

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With all the advances in technology and the healthcare domain lately, medical tourism is thriving like never before. Patients today are seeking quality medical services i.e. hip replacement surgery, joint replacement surgery that are geographically remote from places where they hail. Nevertheless, the reasons behind this vary extensively – maybe because people are seeking more specialized services or higher quality medical care, with better access to many other things collectively.  When my brother has been told to go through a hip replacement surgery initially, we were so perplexed and full of […]

Joint Replacement in Chandigarh
20May, 2021

Joint Replacement Surgery – Making You Fit & Fine Again

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Cases of hip and knee joints are at their peak in India. Having unhealthy eating habits, being overweight and urban lifestyles are some top causes of joint problems. Nevertheless, osteoarthritis is also one major cause of joint-related problems. Thus, the number of people requiring ideal treatment as well as joint replacement surgery to treat medical problems is on the steep rise too.   If you have had reached this post, odds are you, or maybe your loved one, is too the candidate for the same. Well, there’s no need to be worry or […]

slip disc treatment in Chandigarh
16Apr, 2021

Slip Disc – Knowing the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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A slipped disc can be a severe condition. There are more than 80% of people who are having this same issue in today’s time. It is usually caused because of two reasons – If there’s any injury happened to the spine Or as a natural degeneration with increasing age Only a true professional of slip disc treatment in Chandigarh will diagnose your health condition and give adequate treatment to cure the problem. Understanding Slipped Disc Problem A slipped disc is a condition wherein a disc gets displaced, and its material […]

arthritis treatment
9Mar, 2021

Understanding and Treating Arthritis – Symptoms, Facts, Treatment & Much More

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More than 350 million people in the world suffer from this condition – it is an inflammation of joints, known to affect one or even more joints at the same time. According to medical studies and surveys, there have been more than 100 types of arthritis present, with different conditions and arthritis treatment approaches. However, the most common types of all are rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.  Such a condition can’t be simply overlooked; instead, it requires proper diagnosis and treatment. As of today, it has been found that this condition has affected more […]

Orthopedic Care Services
3Feb, 2021

Suffering With Sports Injury? Avail Orthopedic Care Services Today!

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Many suffer from serious sports injuries and varied conditions and have no clue about that. There can be varied reasons for that – maybe it has caused due to an aggressive throw or a because of a random tackle; actually, no one knows. If you’re someone who’s too experiencing any concussion or joint instability thing lately and wondering what it is and why it is paining serve, probably, it’s time you should take it seriously. Odds are it might be a muscle strain, but there can be much more than […]

best hip replacement hospital in Chandigarh
15Jan, 2021

Hip Replacement Surgery – Understanding The Procedure

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Hip replacements are not uncommon in India and the United States either. More than hundreds of persons get hip prostheses done daily, and this practice has a very high success rate, bringing improvements in range of motion of the hip joint and doing a considerable decrease in hip pain. While hip replacement surgery is a pretty safe and sound operation, it does not come without its diverse concerns about risks and recovery. As a patient who is facing the likelihood of hip surgery in the near future, you need to […]

best joint replacement hospital in Chandigarh
29Dec, 2020

What To Know About The Joint Replacement Surgery In India?

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There are diverse kinds of bone surgeries done in India, and they are plenty of them that are done under orthopedic surgeries, and joint replacements are one of them. At today’s time, a common problem faced from a young age to older age is pain. Various factors that have been implicated for this cause are heredity, obesity, earlier fractures, just about joints, and much more. Joint replacement surgery is becoming all the rage in India. This joint surgery is a successful surgery with more than 98% of success rate regarding […]

At Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Chandigarh
23Dec, 2020

Total Joint Replacement Surgery Considerations in Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Introduction Too often, surgery becomes the only ideal to treat a patient’s problem. Joint replacement surgery requires superior skills and techniques. A lot of surgeons can do these types of procedures with minimally invasive surgery. In total joint replacement surgery, orthopedic surgeons replace part or the complete joint with an artificial joint. The prosthesis is usually made of either metal, ceramic, or plastic. The Majority Of Patients Decide to Have Joint Replacement (Hip or Knee) Surgery When: The pain causes trouble while sleeping The pain makes everyday actions hard Patients […]

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