Hip Replacement Surgery
26May, 2021

Need A Hip Replacement Surgery? Stay at ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh

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With all the advances in technology and the healthcare domain lately, medical tourism is thriving like never before. Patients today are seeking quality medical services i.e. hip replacement surgery, joint replacement surgery that are geographically remote from places where they hail. Nevertheless, the reasons behind this vary extensively – maybe because people are seeking more specialized services or higher quality medical care, with better access to many other things collectively.  When my brother has been told to go through a hip replacement surgery initially, we were so perplexed and full of […]

best hip replacement hospital in Chandigarh
15Jan, 2021

Hip Replacement Surgery – Understanding The Procedure

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Hip replacements are not uncommon in India and the United States either. More than hundreds of persons get hip prostheses done daily, and this practice has a very high success rate, bringing improvements in range of motion of the hip joint and doing a considerable decrease in hip pain. While hip replacement surgery is a pretty safe and sound operation, it does not come without its diverse concerns about risks and recovery. As a patient who is facing the likelihood of hip surgery in the near future, you need to […]

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