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Need A Hip Replacement Surgery? Stay at ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh

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With all the advances in technology and the healthcare domain lately, medical tourism is thriving like never before. Patients today are seeking quality medical services i.e. hip replacement surgery, joint replacement surgery that are geographically remote from places where they hail. Nevertheless, the reasons behind this vary extensively – maybe because people are seeking more specialized services or higher quality medical care, with better access to many other things collectively. 

When my brother has been told to go through a hip replacement surgery initially, we were so perplexed and full of random thoughts. However, as soon as we backed ourselves up with courage, we decided to get the procedure done from ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh, which has been known to be the dependable and one of the best ortho hospital in Chandigarh for many years. This healthcare facility is known to do hundreds and more surgeries and is known to have the least infection rates. Possibly, this is not as close to your local hospital facility, but the previous track record of this place made everything look less risky than any other place. 

Hip Replacement Surgery in ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh 

As soon as we have had decided on this hospital for their healthcare services, we managed our staying arrangements to get the surgery done from this hospital. 

Just like many other healthcare service provider in Chandigarh and across other places in the city, this hospital has got everything covered for all their patient’s needs. This hospital is known to serve patients as well as their families with quality and specialized care. 

Considering the overall experience of my brother’s hip replacement Surgery experience, our decision to count on this hospital was one of the best ones preferably.  

Reasons To Go With ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh 

Admittedly, there were many and as far the most pleasurable experience too. Must say, choosing this healthcare service is a really nice option to go with. And some of the top reasons for the same are following mentioned below – 

  • Its location – the location of this hospital is amazing. Every other service was easily accessible to that place. 
  • Its reputation – the reputation of being known as the leading and the best arthroscopy hospital in Chandigarh for many years and maintaining that is not easy at all. Still, they have been managing to do the same. And trust me, this is actually recommendable.  
  • Its comforts – forget everything you have had ever experienced or heard about hospitals. This place has got everything designed considering the comfort of the patient as well as their beloved ones and family members over the place. 

The entire structure has been designed by putting all its care, love, and consideration into it. The creature comforts in this hospital are indeed going to make the stay simpler and easier. 

  • Its parking – while taking my brother to this hospital, I had a car of my own. However, parking a car at such a crowded hospital is not less than any marathon; but it wasn’t the case over this place. They have got ample of space to make your parking blues away. 
  • Its costing – this ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh, is just rightly priced for its services. At times, when other private hospitals are digging a big hole in their patient’s pockets, they know what it actually means to offer quality services at the right price. 

Our Happy Ending at ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh  

Well, in a case, if you are wondering how my brother’s surgery went, so let me tell you it was a great success at one of the best orthopedic hospital in Chandigarh. Everything went so smoothly that we didn’t even realize how it went on so quickly. Honestly, our overall venture in medical tourism was amazing. This ARV Orthopedic Hospital Chandigarh turned out to be a perfect choice. 

All thanks to its super-friendly staff and competitive, highly skilled team of Dr. Atul Malhotra’s team for their compassionate and quality services & support throughout this journey. 

Recovery was indeed challenging, but your constant guidance and support made things simpler for us! 

Will we recommend ARV Orthopedic Hospital, Chandigarh, to anyone in need of knee or hip replacement surgery or someone who is having a problem with intense joint pain? Indeed, a big yes for this one! 

Keep up the good work! 

If you have got any number of questions or concerns related to anything about our journey at this place or anything else as well, please feel free to write a line or two in the comment section. 

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