Best Trauma surgery Doctors in Chandigarh
1Jun, 2021

Trauma Treatment Can Be Hassle-Free – Path to Healing

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In India alone, many people are currently struggling with trauma experiences. Quite horrible, isn’t it? It’s high time that one should take this matter seriously; it is a medical condition that requires immediate trauma treatment assistance before it even worse the person’s health condition and leads to unfavorable results.  Introduction  What’s trauma? Is trauma treatment actually required? Let’s understand what it is actually!  Trauma is a psychological injury that happened to a person due to some external cause. These days there are innumerable people who are already plagued by the symptoms of trauma but […]

Orthopedic Trauma treatment
20Oct, 2020

What is Orthopedic Trauma? Treatment, Prevention, Care & Much More

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The previous 20 years have introduced a completely new era of orthopedic trauma care. Quick and effective advances in the development of the healthcare domain and systems have been made.  So many improvements in technology and surgical techniques have made medical procedures and surgeries achieved with less invasive surgical methods. A s a result of all this, now there has been reduced hospitalization, and decreased postoperative morbidity. What is Orthopedic Trauma? Orthopedic trauma is a severe injury of the muscular or skeletal system, caused by some sort of external force, […]

trauma surgeon
1Oct, 2020

How Trauma Affects the Quality of Life and Changes Everything

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Did you know trauma is the foremost cause of death worldwide for those younger than 65 years? If not, it would definitely be surprising for you. Today, the trauma continues to be accountable for more loss than heart disease and cancer together. And people seeking for trauma treatment is increasing day by day. As per the reports published by the US National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, unintentional injury, suicide, and murder account for 30.5% deaths for people younger than 65 years, heart disease for 12.2% of deaths, and malignancy for 16.7% of […]

Trauma treatment
25Aug, 2020

Surviving Trauma And Living in the Life

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Have you ever experienced any traumatic experience in your life till now? If yes, then you might know how it actually feels to be fraught with frightening reminiscences, and a feeling of excruciating emotions and constant danger. Feeling disconnected, numb, and skeptical about people is not something simple to deal with in regular life. And it should be treated at the right time, without making any unnecessary delays further. However, the finest way to overcome this is with the assistance of an effective trauma center and by ordering your past […]

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