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Slip Disc – Knowing the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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A slipped disc can be a severe condition. There are more than 80% of people who are having this same issue in today’s time. It is usually caused because of two reasons –

  • If there’s any injury happened to the spine
  • Or as a natural degeneration with increasing age

Only a true professional of slip disc treatment in Chandigarh will diagnose your health condition and give adequate treatment to cure the problem.

Understanding Slipped Disc Problem

A slipped disc is a condition wherein a disc gets displaced, and its material reaches beyond the disc space. Medical professionals often use many more terms, such as disc bulge, ruptured disc, disc protrusion, and many more that mean the same thing – that disc material has left the normal space and causing intense pain. If not treated at time by true professionals, thus may cause weakness and numbness in the nerves. Nevertheless, it is essential to get your condition diagnosed and treated by true professionals before the condition worsens.

What Causes Slip Disc Problems?

Well, there could be many cases. According to many different health professionals and sports injury doctors in Chandigarh, this disc problem is found in young and middle-aged people. Nevertheless, children are the exception, in case of any unfortunate and sudden injuries happen to them. A slipped disc problem usually occurs whenever there is way too much force exerted on the spine or lower back area. One other pretty common case is when someone lifts a heavy object by bending.

What’s more, a disc can get displaced after continuous annular tears that weaken the disc further with passing the time. If that’s something you are too going through, make sure not to put way too much pressure on the back while sitting and bending. A little force on the already affected area can worsen the condition furthermore.

A slip disc problem can also arise due to poor posture. Hence, make sure to maintain the right posture while standing, sitting, or whatever else activity you do.

Diagnosing Slip Disc Problem   

Whenever you find any difficulty or pain in your spine that affects your everyday activities, it is right to get the condition diagnosed and treated by true professionals before it gets more serious. A spinal specialist will check the background history thoroughly and do a comprehensive physical exam to know the root causes of this problem and decide what would be the best way out to treat the health condition. Imaging, x-rays, and other additional tests will be done to complete clarity and carry out the treatment ahead.

Different Treatment Options For Slipped Disc

The treatment is going to be decided based on symptoms plus apparent nerve damage that has been caused to it. Too often, slip disc-related problems start getting improved in between two to three months. Nevertheless, at many times, medications and physical therapies are recommended to heal the condition.

  • Medicines – are typically used to manage pain and inflammation. These medications may include steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers, depending on a person’s health condition.
  • Physical therapy –is often prescribed for controlling severe pain levels and inflammation. In addition, it serves a great purpose in improving the mobility of a person and restoring strength.

The best news is, if diagnosed and treated by true professionals, most patients will be able to deal with slip disc problems with non-surgical methods. Nevertheless, for that, you need to consult a genuine and compassionate specialist. He is probably the one who has years of proven expertise under his belt and all the skills required to deal with such problems.

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