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Things to Know About Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

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When you have hip joint injury or impairement that causes pain, even the most effortless movements can get difficult. It may be time to consider hip replacement surgery. Many people get cautious when approaching joint replacement surgery, and they should. The decision to undergo this surgery is a difficult one, but it is important to improve and rejuvenate your everyday life activities.

Surgery is never fun, and if you are someone who is scheduled to have your hip replacement surgery anytime soon, you must know everything associated to this surgical rpocedure. This hip joint replacement surgical procedure is also commonly known as hip hemiarthroplasty, hip arthroplasty,and total hip replacement surgical procedure. In India alone, relevant statistics show that there are more than 100,000 patients who have these hip replacements done every single year. And the chunk of this number is between 55 to 70 age.

Hip joint replacement is a surgical procedure commonly performed in orthopedic practice, wherein the hip joint is replaced with a new modular bearing providing painless articulation. This surgical procedure was first done in the 19th century, and since then, it has advanced so much to become effective and safe surgical procedure. While carrying out this procedure, your damaged hip gets replaced with a healthy artificial joint.

Here’s the complete guide to help you understand what this complete procedure entails.

Knowing whether the hip replacement surgery procedure is right for you

Before you decide anything, one of the most important thing is to thoroughly discuss the options available to treat your medical condition with your general practitioner. If he suggests you that getting this hip joint replacement surgery is the only way out to treat your medical problem, you will be referred to a professional orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation. The decision to whether go ahead with this surgical procedure or not will be decided based on the extent of your pain, immobility and overall health.

Some other factors leading to the surgery would be:

  • Excessive hip pain that persists even while resting
  • Stiffness in the hip that limits your ability to move or lift the leg
  • When other non-operative treatments such a physical therapy and medications are not giving adequate and expected results.
  • When pain reduction from anti-inflammatory medications is not working as expected.

How to prepare yourself for hip replacement surgery?

When you consider hip replacement surgery, there are many other options one should consider and weigh. Undergoing a hip replacement surgery is a major decision in a person’s life and should never be taken lightly. This section provides a brief introduction to preparation for this surgery. Make sure to follow up with it before taking any action regarding this surgical procedure.

Lifestyle preparation

Before you proceed and get this surgical procedure done, your orthopedic surgeon would ask you to have a physical examination test. Still, there are some ways through which you can prepare your body for this surgery. Having a balanced diet, getting enough rest and quitting alcohol/smoking are the most important lifestyle changes to make prior your hip joint replacement surgery. Not just these, also ensure you are well-nourished, and your body’s weight is as close as to the normal weight o your body.

According to experts, obesity can further lead to knee-surgery complications. So, if you think you are obese, it would be better to have a consultation with a dietary and start the process of losing your weight earlier. This way, you can ensure there will be no complications, at least, because of your over-weight.

Mental And Emotional Preparation

One of the most important preparations before getting this surgery done is mental and emotional preparation. It is important to reduce all your distractions and stop overthinking about it. However, the key to preparing oneself mentally and emotionally is by learning as much as one can about the hip replacement surgical procedure.

Knowing its possible risks, complete procedure, and recovery experience can give you a clear understanding of it, and this way, you would know what to expect from this surgery. These realistic expectations can help you stay positive, and having a positive attitude towards it will help you stay focused on healing and health.


Make an open communication with your orthopedic surgeon and ensure you get all your questions answered and concerns cleared. Talk and know what this hip replacement surgery involves and see what things are involved in it. Trust is a key factor, having an influential rule. So, make sure to develop an open communication about this whole surgical procedure and get all things cleared up in the starting itself. By following all these things in the right manner, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming hip replacement surgery and ensure a speedy recovery. To ensure everything is done professionally and effectively, it is important to go with someone who is dependable, experienced and effective. So, it would be really great if you do thorough research and choose someone who is the best orthopedic doctor in Chandigarh. After all, it is all about you, your health, your life and your mobility – so better you should not make

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