Hip Replacement Surgery Guide- Why Would One Need It Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery Guide- Why Would One Need It Surgery?

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So many people today suffer from hip pain. In the beginning, this hip replacement surgery may sound a scary and creepy procedure. Whenever someone’s hip is damaged by arthritis or by any other injury, even the easiest and simplest movements can get really tough and painful too. At this point of time, we want to have a permanent solution to these issues. And with the growth and development in the medical field, hip replacement surgery can be the right and ideal solution to all your medical needs. It can be something which is going to offer you a permanent solution.

It was first done in the year 1960, till that time, it has advanced so much and become one of the safest and the most effective procedure. No matter if you need to get your hip joint replaced by an artificial joint or need to get some other thing done to fix the hip problem – this surgery is definitely the right means to get the best solution.

Deciding if this hip replacement surgery is the right option for you or not –

Well, it is one of the most important things to consider. The first and the most initial step you may need to consider is that discussing your whole situation with your general practitioner and then seeing what the options available to treat your problem effectively are. In a case, if the doctor feels that there is a need to go through the hip replacement surgery to treat all your hip-related problems in the right means, then he or she is certainly going to refer you to the best orthopedic doctor to evaluate all your problems and provide you with the best possible solution for all your medical needs. The decision to move ahead with this procedure or not will depend on numerous aspects such as the extent of the pain, one’s immobility, and his or her complete general health too.

There are some of the cases in which one will be advised to have hip replacement surgery. Those cases are –

  • Stiffness in the hip, limiting the ability to lift and do movements with his or her legs.
  • The pain in the hip limits the person’s day to day activities like bending, walking, and running.
  • Having a serve hip pain even while having a rest.
  • In a case, if the alternative treatments such as undergoing any physical therapy or the use of any other walking aid don’t help anymore and provide one with adequate relief.
  • If there is no pain reduction even with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or if the use of glucosamine sulphate is not even insufficient.
  • Or if a person undergoes any adverse or other harmful side effects from different hip medications.

Most commonly, there are two different types of surgery – one is a total hip replacement, and the other one is partial hip replacement, which is also commonly known as hip resurfacing. This hip resurfacing method is usually done on patients of a younger age, having less severe pain in their hip. In this method, the femur head, which is considered to be the highest part of the thigh bone, is going to be reshaped completely. It is done so to make a bone accept the metal cap with a little guide stem that is going to set into the pelvis area. On the other hand, in the total hip replacement surgery, not just the femur head gets replaced; in fact, the complete joint of the hip and the femoral canal is going to be reamed out. Remember that the early decision to go via the surgery or not and choosing the right and the best orthopedic doctor can make a huge and a very big difference.

Procedure for the hip replacement surgery –

Well, the surgery itself is going to take a few hours to be completed effectively. A person is first going to admit to the hospital on the day when the surgery is going to be held. While carrying out this operation, your orthopedic surgeon is going to remove the damaged hip bone and then cartilage it in order to get it replaced with the metal, plastic, or any other ceramic joint surface. This way, the surgeon is going to restore the correct and the right alignment in order to make the hip function properly again. He or she has to choose the type of prosthesis that best suits his or her medical needs in the right way. All the materials used in such a procedure consist of two different elements – the socket that is used as a durable cap, made of ceramic, metal or plastic, and the ball, which is generally made off a ceramic-metal, or a durable metal. Some specialized surgical cement can be used too in order to secure and complete the gap between the natural bone and the artificial joint.

Getting help from a professional orthopedic surgeon –

Note that hip replacement surgery can be the right and the most effective solution to all your injuries or the deterioration that may affect the ability to move. And if you follow uprightly with the best orthopedic doctor in Chandigarh and follow all his or her instructions carefully. With the right assistance and help, you have more chances of restoring your mobility to the level where you can enjoy your life again without any pain.

So, if you are someone who is undergoing a chronic hip pain that is making it difficult for you to do all your everyday activities, hip replacement surgery can help you get all the relief and improve the function of the hip, as a whole. Even though right after the surgery, one will not be able to do demanding activities such as running and playing that involves high impact, but one will be able to do the walking and engaging activities soon after the surgery. Just make sure to get the professional assistance from a top professional in order to experience the best and top level of services.

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