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What To Know About The Joint Replacement Surgery In India?

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There are diverse kinds of bone surgeries done in India, and they are plenty of them that are done under orthopedic surgeries, and joint replacements are one of them.

At today’s time, a common problem faced from a young age to older age is pain. Various factors that have been implicated for this cause are heredity, obesity, earlier fractures, just about joints, and much more.

Joint replacement surgery is becoming all the rage in India. This joint surgery is a successful surgery with more than 98% of success rate regarding treating symptoms of predominantly the pain and improved mobility.

Joint replacement surgery is a surgical procedure involving the termination and replacement of parts of an arthritic or injured joint with a piece of equipment called a prosthesis. Too often, this can be either metal or plastic, or even ceramic.

Today, it’s been years and almost decades that orthopedic surgeons have been doing these joint replacement surgeries. Usually, it is a replacement movement of a healthy and normal joint. Nobody can guarantee you 100% success for your surgery, as you never know what will happen at the end. You need to choose the right and professional orthopedic surgeon to get quality service from your end.

Joint pain occurs commonly occurs right from younger people to older ones. It is commonly because of accidents and sports injuries in younger people, whereas in the case of people of older age (maybe in between 25 to 40 years it is because of arthritis.

There are lots of and indeed different stages of arthritis. It is the initial one when a patient goes to the hospital and sees a doctor that they have joint pain. In that case, one must take some mild pain killers and do some exercises and weight control. As time passes by and age increases with time, joint arthritis keeps on growing immensely.

In recent research, there is no permanent cure for arthritis, and the maximum one can do to manage and cope up with that is taking medicines constantly to manage the pain.

Joint Replacement Surgical Procedure

This joint replacement surgery is done for those people who are having rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is a case when they suffer from chronic and unbearable pain that can only be sorted by replacing the complete joint with a professional and skilled orthopedic surgeon. There are many other things too that a person has to consider before he or she finally decided to get it done. Only a professional and a dependable plus compassionate joint replacement surgeon will be able to guide you with the best assistance that is suited and well-needed.

How Is Joint Replacement Surgery Different In India?

Medical facilities that are available and accessible in India are compared to that of the international standards. So, it won’t be wrong to say that they are equally standardized with the medical facilities available in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Today, Indian medical facilities are entirely and professionally equipped with advanced and ultra-modern services to provide the persons with the best level of care and medical services at greater and cost-effective rates to that of foreign countries. The best part and good news are that there are many people from other parts of the world, which come to India for medical tourism and get the surgery done.

What Are The Risks Of Joint Replacement Surgery?

Aside from having great success rates, there are so many risks associated with joint replacement surgery, and no one can disagree with that. But note that these likely risks can affect a patient’s post-recovery thing and the ability to move and do activities.

The most common risks of joint replacement surgeries are –

  • Infection 
  • Loosening of affected joint
  • Blood clotting
  • Stiffness

These are very common joint replacement surgery complications, but they can be easily managed and handled by professional and experienced surgeons. They will take care of everything and will ensure there is no loophole present anywhere that could, later on, affect a person’s health at any instance.

Choosing A Hospital To Get Joint Replacement Surgery

This is the thing that is going to decide a lot of things. It is indeed an important thing to consider – because your overall experience is going to rely on it only. But since there are many hospitals and providers (government and private) that claim to offer the best level of services, you need to ensure the one you are choosing is the best possible alternative to proceed further with. Before you make a final choice and decide to proceed with the certain one, it is recommended to do thorough research, scan all your options, check with their testimonials and reviews to ensure the certain one is the best. 

ARV Hospital, Chandigarh

Suppose you or your beloved one is experiencing any joint-related problem for a prolonged time. In that case, it is the moment you should undoubtedly consult getting it checked by some real professionals. Or else, it can lead to the worst thing.

Got any questions or concerns? Book an appointment at our best joint replacement hospital in Chandigarh and get the care and services you deserve at affordable prices.

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